Vertical Pole Label Suitable for Pole numbering or with bar code in any style

These Reflective one piece aluminium labels offer complete freedom of design as the printing is computer generated and can incorporate bar codes, logos, and sequential or random numbers embossed or flat in any colour or style. These hi tech labels are economical for larger quantities. Your logo or design can be scanned and digitally printed onto film or aluminium.

Our range of labels provide a unified solution to all your identifying needs and mean that any requirement can be made from stock items rather than waiting for old fashioned engraving of short lived expensive vinyl letters. Our preprinted labels are so economical that some power companies are identifying all their poles with a 5 digit number, a bar code and a logo. No other system can do that in one label!
plabel3.jpg Suitable for Pole numbering or with Logos in any style, these labels can also have bar codes on them. The designs on the left show examples of labels with barcodes.